We Love Informed Patients


Healthcare Knowledge Is Power

We’ve always known that informed patients play a significant role determining their own health outcomes. It just makes sense. The more you know about your health risks and condition, the better you will be at taking care of yourself.

Through a large survey of almost 34,000 patients conducted in 2010, researchers can now say for sure that patients who understand their diagnosis, along with their medications, lifestyle changes, and treatment options spend less (and cost their medical plans less) for healthcare. This effect was particularly noticeable in chronic conditions including hypertension, high cholesterol, and asthma. We believe that people who understand their conditions are better able to prevent chronic problems from becoming acute emergencies because of the preventive care they give themselves. They take the state of their health seriously and are willing to make lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise to improve and maintain it.

When you come to Forest Healthcare for your appointment, bring your questions with you. Take notes so you’ll remember recommendations from your healthcare provider. If you get home and have forgotten something, call us back to ask questions. We’re in this together. Your best health is always our goal. The more you know, the better you can be.